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Life is complicated.
Life insurance shouldn’t be.

We partner with recognized national carriers to deliver a curated range of digital products to fit modern lives. We use technology to tailor insurance product and carrier selection based on a detailed assessment of risk and financial needs.

Insurance that keeps up with modern life

Every client is an individual. With our range of insurance options, we tailor solutions to meet individual needs.

Permanent Life Insurance

Life insurance coverage that doesn’t expire and often combines a death benefit with a tax-advantaged savings component that grows based on investment performance. Can potentially include features like the ability to make tax-advantaged cash value withdrawals and may include guarantees on savings growth rates and coverage length.
Why choose Permanent Life Insurance?
Rest easy knowing that you’ll be covered the way you want to be covered. With Permanent Life Insurance, you can accomplish a wide set of financial goals including estate planning, retirement savings, income protection, business succession planning, and charitable giving.
Benefits of Permanent Life Insurance:
  • Coverage that doesn’t expire and which often includes a savings component and may include guarantees on coverage length
  • Potential for cash value accumulation based on investment and/or underwriting performance and may include guaranteed savings growth rates
  • Flexibility for tax-advantaged withdrawls to fund retirement, healthcare, or unexpected expenses
Accessing a policy’s cash value will reduce the death benefit and can be subject to fees or additional premiums to keep the policy from lapsing.

Term Life Insurance

Life insurance protection for a set period of time, usually with fixed terms between 10–30 years.
Why choose Term Life Insurance?
Life can be full of surprises, but some milestones are fixed to the horizon. Things like paying off a mortgage, dependents leaving home, or completing studies can quickly change your financial situation from today. With Term Life Insurance, you get the security of a death benefit for a set period of time to protect your income as long as you need it. And as your circumstances change, you may be able to convert it to a permanent policy for additional protection further along your journey.
Benefits of Term Life Insurance:
  • Straightforward fixed premium
  • Often the least expensive option for a given death benefit amount
  • Certain term life policies can be renewed or even converted to a permanent policy in the future

Long-Term Care Insurance

Protection against the expense of needing care to go about activities of daily living for an extended time, due to old age or disability. Available as a standalone policy or combined with life insurance benefits.
Why choose Long-Term Care?
It's common that people will need help going about daily life, particularly as they age but also in unexpected situations, and these types of expenses are typically not fully covered by healthcare or medicare - especially for an extended time period. Long-term care coverage includes care from a licensed provider no matter where it happens: in the home, in an assisted living facility, or a nursing home. Long term care can be its own standalone policy or it is often attached to a life insurance policy for cost efficiency and ease of underwriting.
Benefits of Long-Term Care:
  • Flexibility of design, such as benefit length and spousal coverage
  • Tax-free death benefits: if you don't need care the benefit goes to your family (for life insurance linked Long-Term Care)
  • Eligible for state partnership plans: these allow you to protect assets from medical assistance plans in the future

Disability Insurance

Long-term disability insurance protection that compensates when unable to work for an extended period of time due to illness or injury. Often based on a fraction of income.
Why choose Disability Insurance?
For most people, their greatest asset is their ability to earn an income. Disability insurance provides additional coverage beyond employer-sponsored disability insurance plans and is transportable even in a job change. It covers more than what Social Security covers, and typically pays out much faster. Can increase as your income increases (without any new underwriting), and cover a higher percentage of current income. Those with low-risk occupation classes will get better pricing and flexibility compared to group plans where everyone is in one group.
Benefits of Disability Insurance:
  • Simple structure based on income
  • Can buy with after-tax dollars for tax-free benefits unlike group or Social Security plans
  • Can automatically increase in benefits as your income increases
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Accurate underwriting for maximum confidence

We offer detailed field underwriting and risk assessments backed by data and analytics. So every quote shared is based on the most thorough assessment of fit and value for even the most complex client situations.

Advanced strategies to fit the shapes of modern lives

Estate planning. Jumbo cases. Business coverage. Premium finance. Foreign nationals. We’re here to provide advanced sales concepts and personalized support, whatever the shape of the challenge.

Proactive management and client advocacy

Our team of dedicated brokerage experts will anticipate roadblocks to ensure a streamlined process and leverage data to receive the most competitive offer.

Professionals backing

Our team of insurance professionals has deep expertise backed by decades of experience. So, we’ve got the capabilities and resources to help – however, and whenever, you need us.
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Frequently asked

For clients

Do I need life insurance?

Life insurance is used for family and income protection if you have financial dependents or other obligations like a mortgage. It can also be used to protect against business risk, as part of estate planning, or to create tax-advantaged savings. Sometimes a life insurance policy makes sense to protect your future insurability if you think you might need it in the future. A good advisor will understand your needs first and make product recommendations that match them.

What states are you in?

We are active and licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. See our licenses here.

How is Modern Life different?

Modern Life is bringing sophisticated technology and design to the brokerage space to make life insurance production easier and better for advisors. We believe in a high-tech, high-touch  experience combining cutting-edge technology with expert guidance and understanding.  We are creating better outcomes for advisors using a detailed understanding of a client’s risk protection and financial needs, tailoring coverage based on their specific circumstanes, and having an end-to-end online experience to get covered.
For advisors

How do I get started as an advisor?

If you are interested in working with us, please enter your contact information here. A Modern Life team member will contact you to share more about Modern Life’s products and services and determine whether it would be a fit to work together. If so, we'll onboard you to the technology platform and facilitate your appointments with our carriers.

What are the requirements to work with Modern Life as an insurance advisor?

Modern Life works with experienced life insurance advisors who have a track record of serving clients at a high level of excellence. Advisors must have an active life insurance license in all states where they serve clients and $1M of errors & omissions coverage.

Who owns the relationship with the client?

Advisors always own the client relationship. Modern Life exists to empower advisors by providing technology, products, support, and branded experiences, not to replace the core relationship between a trusted advisor and the client.
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